Leo will be a strong voice for job creation and advancing our economy. He is dedicated to defending and protecting our local economy. He is devoted to help create an economic environment which will give businesses the opportunity to prosper and flourish. As well as attracting new business enterprises to our local area and throughout the state. 

Over the years, limitations, such as burdensome taxes created by our State Government has made this increasingly difficult. Lowering or preferably eliminating the Business Rent Tax, will help Florida businesses to expand, hire more employees, improve benefits and raise salaries - which will further advance the local economy. This should help fill the many commercial spaces that have been vacant for far too long.

Allowing entrepreneurs to prosper, create jobs, while sustaining current and inspiring new businesses, is a major concern for all of us. Creating these opprtunities can have a major economic impact to our district and state. This is an issue in which Leo is committed to leading.


Leo believes hard-working Florida families should be able to provide for their families without the weight of an unfair tax burden. He will work to keep taxes low and predictable.


As a father of three, and with all of his children in the public school system, Leo is committed to making sure that every child is prepared to compete regionally and globally in whatever career they pursue. Leo understands that education is not one size fits all, and believes in an education system that empowers parents with choice and involvement in their child’s education. Leo understands that parents care about giving their children the best opportunities possible. That's why he's committed to making sure every level of Florida's education system is funded up to the highest standards possible. He supports increased choice in educational opportunity so that every child can reach their potential. Leo understands the link between a robust public education system and a vital and thriving economy. 

Leo is an advocate for teachers, and understands that they are the most important and valuable resource of the public education system. He fully supports competitive pay and proper benefits for teachers and the entire education system. If we desire to have our students properly educated to the highest standards, then it is essential that teachers are compensated accordingly for all the hard work they put into educating the students.


The energy sector plays a key role in Florida and our economy. Too many Florida families are struggling to pay their bills as a result of the increased energy costs. Across the board - from food to gas, energy cost increases have had a harmful impact on the Florida and national economies. Leo is in favor of legislation that gives incentives for domestic energy production, and the development of renewable resources. It is necessary that multiple energy sources are utilized to lower the overall energy cost for consumers. In order for this to occur, Utilities and Governments will need to work together to promote the entrance of new technologies. This can only be accomplished when the utility companys are operating on a level playing field, and not overly influencing our elected officials. The citizens in our district and state deserve to be served by Leo - someone that has their best interest at heart, and will be a Champion of the effort.


As the state with the highest percentage of elderly residents and one of the top states that veterans call home, it is necessary that their needs are attended to. Leo has been working with the elderly and veterans for many years, and has heard firsthand their concerns for not only themselves but also their loved ones .

Leo will work to make sure that ALL Florida seniors are treated with the dignity they deserve and have access to the healthcare they need. Leo is a strong proponent of the Medicare program. Medicare is extremely important to seniors. It has arguably the most popular aspects of the program – Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D – which operate successfully because of free market principles. Medicare also needs to be fiscally viable for current and future beneficiaries, allowing for our seniors now and later to be taken care of.

Along with supporting our senior citizens, Leo also wants to see that the veterans of our state get the care and benefits they deserve for serving our country. He wants to ensure veterans receive quality and timely services while promoting transparency throughout the Veterans Administration. Leo will do what he can to encourage improved care facilities that operate more efficiently and effectively, helping our veterans in as many aspects of their lives as we possibly can.

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